Cholesterol Degrading Platform by Repair Biotechnologies

Don't merely reduce cholesterol.
Degrade it.

The first-in-class Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP)

We are Repair Biotechnologies, a late-stage preclinical-stage biotech company developing several first-in-class therapies based on our innovative Cholesterol Degrading Platform, a safe and very well tolerated approach to treating the cause of medical conditions that arise due to localized accumulations of excess cholesterol.

A platform. Not just a drug or a therapy.

We have developed a modular system that can be tailored to several indications and delivery mechanisms.

After decades of research and blockbuster drugs, the world’s no. 1 killer is still heart disease, which can be traced back to excess cholesterol stuck on the arteries. More than 5 million people die every year due to atherosclerosis

We aim to repair that.

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