Richard Honkanen


Richard Honkanen is the original inventor of Repair Biotechnologies’ atherosclerosis therapy. He is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in the College of Medicine, University of South Alabama. His lab has been a pioneer in the study of atherosclerosis and other age-related diseases, having published extensively on cholesterol catabolism, the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, and mechanisms of cardioprotective agents in ischemic myocytes. He has a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Georgia.

Graham Pawelec


Graham Pawelec is Professor of Experimental Immunology at the Center for Medical Research, Second Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tübingen Medical School, Tübingen, Germany. He is a Visiting Professor, Nottingham Trent University, UK and at King´s College London, holds an Honorary Chair at Manchester University, UK and acts as a “Cancer Solutions Consultant” at the Health Sciences North Research Insitute of Canada, Sudbury, ON. He is Co-Editor-in-Chief of “Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy” and Deputy Editor of the “Journal of Translational Medicine” and “Immunity and Aging”. received an MA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Transplantation Immunology from the University of Cambridge, UK.

David Thomas

Preclinical development

David Thomas specializes in technology evaluation and preclinical development of drugs for clinical testing. Dr. Thomas has more than 30 years of experience in biological research and has published more than 100 original scientific articles and dozens of patents. He has been a senior executive in the biotechnology industry (Biogen, Hybridon, Tanox, Pangenetics, Macrozyme, ClinQuest) and was responsible for new drug discovery and preclinical development. He has a BA at the University of Kansas and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Colorado.

Aubrey de Grey


Aubrey de Grey is the biomedical gerontologist who researched the idea for and founded SENS Research Foundation. He received his BA in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Cambridge in 1985 and 2000, respectively. Dr. de Grey is Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, is a Fellow of both the Gerontological Society of America and the American Aging Association, and sits on the editorial and scientific advisory boards of numerous journals and organizations.