Repair Biotechnologies Closes Pre-Seed Round, Joins Incubator

Repair Biotechnologies Closes Pre-Seed Round, Joins Incubator

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Repair Biotechnologies, a startup developing therapies with the goals of reversing atherosclerosis and atrophy of the thymus, is proud to announce it has raised a pre-seed round from leading institutions and angel investors in the growing longevity science community, including Methuselah Foundation, SENS Research Foundation, and others.

Founded by Reason and Bill Cherman in April 2018, Repair Biotechnologies will use these new funds to expand its foundational gene therapy development work with the addition of a recombinant protein engineering program, as it proceeds towards proof of concept results in animal models.

Additionally, Repair Biotechnologies is pleased to announce that the company has been accepted to the incubator, recently launched by Ichor Therapeutics. The company is relocating to Upstate New York, to work hand in hand with the Ichor team towards the success of the Repair Biotechnologies development programs. Repair Biotechnologies is now hiring scientists for several positions in Lafayette, NY, just outside Syracuse.

At Repair Biotechnologies, we are committed to developing treatments for aging and age-related diseases that address the root causes of these conditions. We are grateful for the financial support from top investors in our community, and look forward to working together with our friends at Ichor Therapeutics. We intend to draw upon their considerable experience in the field, and learn from their demonstrable success in structuring and executing challenging development programs.

Reason, CEO

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