Repair Biotechnologies Demonstrates Rapid Reversal of Atherosclerosis in Mouse Models

Repair Biotechnologies, Inc. ( announced today that its lipid nanoparticle (LNP) / messenger RNA (mRNA) therapy has rapidly reversed the progression of atherosclerosis in mouse models applicable to both the rare genetic condition of familial hypercholesterolemia as well as atherosclerosis in the broader population. Repair Biotechnologies develops gene therapies based on the proprietary Cholesterol Degrading […]

Repair Biotechnologies Raises $2.15M Seed Round to Develop Drugs for Age-Related Diseases

SYRACUSE, N.Y.–Repair Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today $2.15 million in seed venture funding, to accelerate the preclinical development of its pipeline of drugs targeting thymus regeneration, cancer, and atherosclerosis. The $2.15 million in funding was led by Jim Mellon, the billionaire investor and Chairman of Juvenescence Ltd. Also participating in the round are Emerging Longevity Ventures, […]