Bobby Khan, MD, PhD

Bobby Khan is the Chief Medical Officer of Repair Biotechnologies. He is a cardiologist and clinical investigator, serving as Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine. Dr. Khan has published nearly 90 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in highly regarded scientific journals. He is co-founder […]

Mourad Topors, PhD

Mourad is the Chief Scientific Officer at Repair Biotechnologies. He has over 20 years of experience in successfully leading multidisciplinary teams in translational medical research, focusing on cardiovascular disease. Formerly, he was a Faculty member and Principal Investigator at Harvard Medical School as well as the project architect and team leader of a drug development […]


Reason is co-founder and CEO of Repair Biotechnologies. He has been an active angel investor in the longevity industry since its earliest days, with investments including Oisin Biotechnologies and Leucadia Therapeutics. He is a long-standing and well-connected patient advocate for aging research, involved in numerous fundraising and outreach initiatives conducted by organizations such as the […]