Repair Biotechnologies Conference Pipeline for Q1 – Q2 2020

Repair Biotechnologies aims to have a presence at the majority of the largest conferences and gatherings in the longevity industry. Below find a list of the Q1 and Q2 2020 events at which Repair Biotechnologies is scheduled to present. If you would like to have a Repair Biotechnologies executive speak at your event, please contact […]

Reason to present at the 6th Aging Research for Drug Discovery Forum in Basel

Friday, June 21, 2019 – Today Insilico Medicine, a biotechnology company developing the end-to-end drug discovery pipeline utilizing the next generation artificial intelligence, and the Scheibye-Knudsen Lab, University of Copenhagen, announce the presentation of Reason, Co-founder and CEO of Repair Biotechnologies; Founder and writer of Fight Aging!, at the 6th Aging Research, Drug Discovery, and AI Forum during the Basel […]

Repair Biotechnologies Raises $2.15M Seed Round to Develop Drugs for Age-Related Diseases

SYRACUSE, N.Y.–Repair Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today $2.15 million in seed venture funding, to accelerate the preclinical development of its pipeline of drugs targeting thymus regeneration, cancer, and atherosclerosis. The $2.15 million in funding was led by Jim Mellon, the billionaire investor and Chairman of Juvenescence Ltd. Also participating in the round are Emerging Longevity Ventures, […]

Repair Biotechnologies Closes Pre-Seed Round, Joins Incubator

Repair Biotechnologies, a startup developing therapies with the goals of reversing atherosclerosis and atrophy of the thymus, is proud to announce it has raised a pre-seed round from leading institutions and angel investors in the growing longevity science community, including Methuselah Foundation, SENS Research Foundation, and others. Founded by Reason and Bill Cherman in April […]